Disability Insurance Broker in Alberta

Disability insurance provides recurrent, tax-free benefits to help meet your financial responsibilities if you are unable to work through an ailment, an accident, or injury. The payments are a proportion of your gross monthly salary.

Nobody plans to be off work due to illness, accident, or injury, but it is wise to plan for the possibility this may happen. Cover will provide you will a set income for a limited period of time which will help you pay essential bills so life can go on as smoothly as possible. 

Because we do not know what the future holds. If, for example, illness means you have to take long-term paid sick leave, the pay you receive from your employer will usually terminate after six months. The question then is how to meet your monthly outgoings; utilizing your savings possibly or relying on your spouse or family to help keep things going. It is a stressful condition at an already challenging time. Income Protection relieves financial concerns, leaving you free to focus on making a full rehabilitation. 

We bring years of expertise and experience in Income Protection. As an independent, we give you completely impartial advice on the policies available from all the major insurers. We are the emerging Disability Insurance Broker in Alberta. We will make sure the cover you receive is right for your personal needs, and at the best premiums on the market.