Super Visa Health Insurance Broker in Alberta

Every year Canadian residents invite their families to visit Canada under the Super Visa program, which requires all candidates to have an individual medical emergency coverage policy.

Super Visa health insurance can also be termed travel and visitor insurance for a non-resident of Canada. It is intended to cover medical emergency procedure costs in case of unexpected ailment or accidental trauma while a Super Visa owner resides in Canada or is on a side-trip in a different country.

Since payment of a lump sum can be a daunting task for most people, they provide a Super Visa Insurance Monthly Payment scheme which allows one to pay in regular installments. 

What are Super Visa Requirements?

Super Visa application requires private Canadian health insurance officially. Therefore, it is quintessential for the candidate to send proof of Super Visa health insurance coverage along with the rest of the papers in order to be approved for the program.

Super Visa Insurance is:

» Valid for at least 1 year at the moment you send the appeal to IRCC

» Cover emergency health care, hospitalization, and repatriation

» Provide a minimum coverage of $100,000 CAD

» Be valid for every time you visit Canada and open for review by a Point of Entry (POE) officer

» Issued by a private Canadian insurance company

Monthly Plan for Super Visa insurance is approved by the IRCC and offers you an easy pre-authorized month-to-month payment basis for the specified period of insurance coverage.

Summary of Super Visa Insurance Benefits:

» Hospital Accommodation     

» Physician’s Services     

» Surgeries     

» Ambulance Services     

» Emergency Air Transportation     

» Emergency Dental Repair     

» Prescription Medications     

» Diagnostics and X-rays     

» Medical Services and Hospitalization     

» Repatriation (Emergency Home Return)     

» Accidental Death and Dismemberment     

» Visits to a Medical Specialist     

» Follow up Treatment     

» Nursing Care     

» Rental or Purchase or Medical Appliances